Thursday, 26 September 2013

Strictly Pancakes

So a few days back, Monday or Tuesday, can't really remember, woke up early to prepare myself to go to school because I had some certificate workshop/interview/audition. Which took just 1 hour+ in total, and it was like super nothing one, since the process was a mass audition process so it wasn't nerve-wrecking at all, contrary to what I though before I went. Reach there 5 - 10 minutes late, and thankfully we're NOT THE LATEST. So the turn-up was quite high, almost 50 people! So they had to separate the group in to 2 audition groups. And since we came later, we were in the 2nd batch. When waiting, I was not nervous or whatever, I think it's like cause my mentality is 'If I get, good for me, if I don't then, life goes on'. I mean, after the radio audition rejection, I dare not put high hopes on things like that. So the audition was like doing 3 activities, which is just about moving in a room and some stimulated exercises. After 20 - 30 minutes, we're done.


 After the audition, me and Charissa took the train to Dhoby, (Dhoby again), to strictly's. And for some fucking reason, the weather that day was hot as fuck, and I was wearing goddamn-ed sweatshirt, like, wtf, thank goodness for my shades, or my contacts might've just melted there and then. On the way there, talked about a lot of school stuff, people, academics and the audition. And life in general, but honestly, at 17, what can we talk about life seriously? Like right? The weather was seriously crazy and the walk to strictly's felt so long I can't. And by the time we reached, it was only opened for an hour+ and it was FULL HOUSE ALREADY.

And we had to wait. I think 1 thing about Strictly's is that it is always full house because the shop space is quite small and then the seats are quite limited. Which you will see in the pictures later. But after 10 -20, we got seats, thankfully. Unlike the first time, we got a seat on the second level, which I love, because the ambience is so nice, like it's so dreamy and like a great place to chill at, I just. LOVE. After we sat down, water was served which I think is great, because I know that several eateries only serve water upon request.

So after deciding what to eat, we placed out order, and the food arrived in 10 -15 minutes, which I think was a reasonable waiting time, since there was once I went to eat at Pizza Hut, I waited fore 30+ minutes before food was served. I ordered The Druggie & Charissa ordered What-A-Spread. I think the name is cute but I think when you look at the actual food, What-A-Spread suited mine more since it looked more like a Spread.

The Druggie : 3 THICKLY stacked pancakes, with chocolate sprinkled all over, a special homemade luscious chocolate sauce and a scoop of chocolate Ice-Cream, a side of strawberries so that you won't feel sick of the chocolate. Great for chocolate lovers and promises to satisfy your chocolate crave with this decadence of chocolate overdose. All this for $11

 What-A-Spread: 3 thickly stacked pancakes (Charissa downsized to 2. $1 Off!) with Nutella spread in between each pancakes and 2 Kinder Bueno, drizzled with it's milky sauce, and finished with a scoop of french vanilla Ice-Cream. Amazing-ness at $10!


And I'm sure that people might think Pancakes, is it filling? YES, OMFG, their pancakes are super duper thick, and they are very generous with their fillings as well, and if you are not hungry hungry, 3 pieces is going to be too much! Despite downsizing to 2, Charissa couldn't finish it! So if you are looking for a place to eat and be filled up, Strictly Pancakes is the way to go. And I think the prices are super reasonable, since it is super filling! I mean, I'm sure you've been to places where you spend $20 -30++ and after eating you're on the hunt to eat some more cause you're not satisfied and hungry. Strictly's does not disappoint in that department. And it is super nice! Furthermore the ambience, like I've said is really nice, especially the second level!

As you can see, they have super cute wall murals and very comfortable cushioned seats and sofa. And if you look at the roof, the light coming in is actually natural sunlight, so it gives a very nice summer/autumn-ish feel, and the AC is cool but not cold, so it is just super great place to chill! But, this space only has 3 tables, meaning it takes up a lot of space, which means the queue would be longer. But if you are lucky enough to get the seas here, I think it'll be super nice. I was quite sad I didn't get the seats there, cause it looks really nice for photos also. -_______-  But that is only for the second level, the first level is a little lacklustre to be frank, it's just tables and chair. 

The service I think was really good, when we wanted to order the person attended us immediately and whenever they see that our cups are empty, they would come over to re-fill it, which is good, because alot of restaurants I went to, again, unless upon request, they simply wouldn't re-fill it!

While we're paying the bill, we heard one of the queueing patrons saying 'Huh, eat pancakes can full or not?' I'm was like in my head 'Bitch you don't know nothin'

Other than sweet, it offers savoury menu as well, and if you prefer none, they have a plain pancakes with butter & syrup menu as well, so there's a perfect dish for everyone! On top of that, apart from pancakes, they also sell bites like sandwiches for those that want something else! I think one of the best things is that they offer free wifi and many plugs/sockets for people to charge their handphones or laptops if you brought it! For more information, you can visit their website here!

Food                        8/10
Service                    7.5/10
Price                        8/10
Ambience                7/10
Average Score: 7.6 
(+1 for FREE WIFI & Sockets for charging)
Final Score: 8.6

I think everyone should go lah honestly, it's just a great place to be. Some more, after you're done, there's a lot of spots nearby where you can take really nice photographs with gorgeous backgrounds/backdrops! 


We went to Plaza Sing to walk around and try to find lip tint for Charissa which lead to no avail. While we're at Sep-Hora, I saw this new perfume by Justin Bieber, I forgot the name, but it's not Someday or Girlfriend, it's something else. When I had a sniff, the first thing I thought of was 'OMG SMELL LIKE SLUT'. I don't even know where that came from seriously, but when Charissa smelt it, she agreed! I think I should buy it and spray it on the sluts' mouth, cause bitches be thirsty as fuck!

As of now, holidays are coming down to 2 weeks and 3 days, and I am devastated. CLASSMATES. Ughhh, I rather not. What is with this batch of people, everyone's so boring I just can't. The lack of malay people is just pathetic. WHERE'S MA MALAY PEOPLE AT. I can never get along get along with Chinese people, like most of my friends are of non-chinese race, even my BFF is malay. What ever happened to fun people? Oh, there are from NYP & RP. SP. Forget about it. 

Bad Hair day that day, don't judge.

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