Wednesday, 11 September 2013

20 Facts

So, finally, someone tagged me, and I'm officially I guess, a part of the mainstream teenagers that is doing the 20 facts about me, although late, but I think it's much better to never do it. I know lah, I no friend right, that's why so late tag. I not like some cool kids, tagged by so many people, then must show it off on Instagram. SO MANY FRIENDS, I'M JEALOUS BEYOND WORDS. But anyways, I was tagged by Sheera and I recommend you all go read her blog cause it's seriously good stuff. Shall stop rambling on shit and officially start.

20 Facts About Me, Neon A. Drew

#1. I'm a born leftie. (That's left-handed if you don't know)

#2. I'm have a life-loyal membership for apple products and Starbucks.

#3. I have met/made many enemies in my 17 years of living. None of which I regretted making.

#4. I have also, at the same time, met/made people that made/is making an indelible mark in my life, and I am so grateful to have them.*

#5. Single for 17 years. #NotDesperate #HitMeUpPlease #Single&Available #NOTSLUT

#6. I manage to hate almost all my current classmates, and love my friend's.

#7. I'm much more bolder/daring/noisier in so many ways compared to last year. 

#8. I love to go out for lunches. So #HitMeUp 

#9. I don't show my sadness in front of people cause I think it's unnecessary.

#10. When I have a friend in need, I'll do my best to be there for them. I see friendship as an important thing my life. Call me up at 2am and I'll be there.

#11. I love love love singing, and I hope that I get to it at a job. Or acting, or radio. Anything that gets people famous basically.

#12. I'm super conscious of myself. 

#13. I am almost hell-bent on getting my nose and eyes done someday in my life. Soon.

#14. Despite meeting many people in life, I don't have many friends. Many of those that I know of are just merely acquaintance.

#15. I genuinely think I'm not good-looking, but at the same time, I am a professional camwhore.

#16. Until today, I still haven't found a friend where I can really really really sincerely trust. 

#17. If I don't like a person, it's very easy to tell. Cause imma #RealAssBaddestBitch. btw, who uses 'imma' anymore? Ew.

#18. My self-esteem is my contacts and hair-dye.

#19. I have never drank, never smoked, never did drugs, never enter a club. I don't think I would ever want to. (WHY AM I STILL SINGLE?!)

#20. Despite all the nonsense that is in my life, I am thankful, very in fact to have a great mum that is always there without fail. 

WE HAVE COME TO THE END. And if you made it here, you can make it anywhere. But anyways, that is the 20 facts that you know about me, and if it makes you better, you can incorporate it in your jokebook if it fits. But if not, I HOPE YOU KNOW ME A LITTLE BIT BETTER. 

Remember the '*' in #4. Them? I reckon you might(?) want to know who they are? I think there's a lot lah tbh. I'm thankful for my best friend, Nadzirah, The Stayover group people, Jane, Vernice & XY. The classmates of mine in NYP, especially Tasmin, Hilmi, Q & Syaffy. The classmates of Nadzirah in RP. My directioner buddies Wani, Suvi & Sheera. Some of my classmates, which I think you can infer if you read my previous posts. And a few more, but honestly, I got lazy alr. So if you think you made a good influence to my life, you're in the 'them' list lah. Basically, if you made me laugh very hard, you're them. 

AND IF YOUR NAME ISN'T THERE, I LOVE YOU TOO. Took me some time to do this post, give some recognition. I think if I am publishing this as a blog post, I should do it like seriously, do it nicely, like how I do for every entry.

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