Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Life Woes

So, I'm in school now, and I think I'm quite fucked. Why? Let me tell you. So a week ago, we had an assignment and if you read my previous entries, you would know about it. And we had another 2 weeks to do it, and we're left with 2.5 days to finish it, and for me, 1.5, since I have something on on Thursday. And I was about done, like seriously almost done, and then, consultation with the lecturer happened. Almost all of the things that I captured (Photographs), has some problems in it, and let me correct myself, A LOT OF PROBLEM, the photo was

too bright
too dark
eyeline wrong
too blur
too tilted
not centered
not straight
bad lighting
bad angles
camera placement wrong

And guess what? The mentioned above are just tip of the iceberg. Kill me please? wtf. And it's not like essay where you can rush at home, you have to take it with your friends as models and the environment must be based in school. I almost died when I heard all these. Because, I HAVE AT LEAST 100 PHOTOS THAT I HAVE TO TAKE. And after doing for 1 week straight, I thought mine's really not bad, BUT then, reality happened. I'm so crazy tired, and I hope that I could get some things done before I leave school today, like I'm back at square one. Lord jesus save me. I really don't know how I can finish it without hitting the deadline, I mean it takes time for the photos and also the angle and stuff, and thanks to my clumsy hands, all the photos are tilted and blur. FML. And I don't think I have to sleep tomorrow, or today as a matter in fact, and I have to rush everything, print it out, and then submit on friday. And to be honest, I am so tired right now. I brought all my camera, wasted my train fares and energy, and in the end, ALL WASTED.

Remember how I was rejoicing and going on and on and on about how we had 2 weeks of extra holidays? Well, it was all a lie by the school ok?! Now all that I've been doing is coming back to school and stressing the fuck out. I can't look for ward for the premiere or the holidays thanks to this. MY BIGGEST FUCKING FEAR IS THAT I HAVE TO SACRIFICE MY TIME MEETING SUVI, SHEERA, & WANI TO WATCH THE 1D MOVIE PREMIERE AND COME BACK TO DO THE PROJECT. If that's the case, my heart will bleed. FML.

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