Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Last Day Of School

As of last friday, it was officially the holidays, and we are 1 or 2 weeks earlier than the rest of the school because we got no exams, so good for us. Except not. We have CAs to pass up and I had to drag my ass back to school to get it done and I have to go back to finish it tomorrow! And hopefully I can finish it by 4, so I can go home and freshen up, so I can meet up with my bad bitches. But, I scared sia, by the time I finish my CA nonsense then no time already.

Speaking of which, our CA is given much much earlier than the other classes, which is good and bad. Bad cos we had so many other CA to care about that we are pressed for time to pass this up. BUT, since we're given earlier, after this week, WE ARE OFFICIALLY CA FREE, for at least 6 weeks, but it's 7 if I'm not wrong. And hopefully, and seriously, hoping to achieve more things in the 7 weeks and not just rot at home. Maybe go out more with friends, and revise my for my Korean lessons more seriously now, so it'll be worth the time and money. And hopefully continue with my piano lessons that I stopped at grade 1.

So on that day, I remembered having classes at 11 - 2. And I woke up only at 10am, by the time I'm done preparing, it was already 11. And I am the worst I swear, like for most people, if they are late, they'll rush like fuck, but as soon as I saw 11 on the clock I'm IMMEDIATELY, slowed down, I'm like 'IF LATE MIGHT AS WELL BE LATE LIKE HELL'. Which eventually worked effectively, only reached school around 12. Well done please Got back results for 2 other modules, an A & B+. And it's so sad cos I'm ONCE AGAIN 2 marks shy from A. And then for my A, I GOT THE SAME MARKS FOR MY OTHER As. I just hope the lowest I get is B+. Not even a B, just B+. But I can already see the C and Ds coming my way.

 But our lecturer was great, letting us go off at 1, an hour before, which means I came to school only for one hour. And then, was being treated for Starbucks & KFC. I know, weirdest combination ever. Talked to my lecturer, and I swear he's the most nonsense person ever, but I think it's not bad, cos I don't usually talk so casual to a lecturer. And stayed back with Nyra & Tasha to chat and y'know, like just chat before school ends for 7 weeks! And talked about 'life'. Ok lah, actually it's just the collection of ghost stories that we heard, and horror movies. THANK JESUS that it was a sunny afternoon and not night, or else I swear I might die of cardiac arrest of paranoid. But it was quite fun I would say? Chilling after school with ma bitches homies. Took a shit load of photos. So ya.


See? I wasn't kidding AT ALL when I said SHIT LOAD. There's actually a bit more, but then, I don't want you to have nightmares of me. But, took the vlog throughout the day as well, which is in my previous post. But if you didn't watch it, I'll put it here. It's 3am, I have to reach school by 10. Tell me how to do that. Hope I can meet Sheera & Wani. So incredibly wasted that Suvi can't go out during weekdays thanks to her busy like hell school work, which I talked about in the previous post. 


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p/s Please don't say that my english on my blog posts are atrocious, I can speak good, in fact eloquent english, I just choose to make it more spontaneous so that y'all can get me. Bye LAH SIAL

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