Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Just Don't Make Sense.

So yesterday, was one of the most aggravating day I had in school yet! Cos bitches be pissing me off. So, what happened was I was having one of the modules, which I won't reveal and we were doing a individual project which is due in like soon. And what happened was weekly, we have to do consultations with the lecturer so that we can confirm that what we are doing and that we are on the right track. So the week before, I consulted him, he told me to refine my work but everything was ok. BUT THEN, yesterday, HE TOLD ME A WHOLE CHUNK OF THE THING WHICH HE APPROVED WAS ALL WRONG. What in the actual jesus fuck. And I was like justifying for myself which made actual sense and he was like 'No' No' 'No'. Then when I asked him why last week he said 'oh I didn't notice'. How the fuck can he not notice, it is a  WHOLE CHUNK OF INFORMATION right there, of my work, and only now he say it's wrong.

I was about to knock some bitch out, like what is the problem? And then when he said we can go, you best believe that I stomped out. Like I just left. The most IRRITATING thing is that he look at me as if it's all on me, and that I didn't follow instruction when he's the one that is full of nonsense. And then, after I left he argued with a classmate of mine. I mean, I don't hate the lecturer, but seriously, more than an ass in my opinion. AND HE HAS THE NERVE, THE NERVE to scold us. I'm like what is wrong with you. I don't dislike him before, but now, it's like I can't see him in the face and not want to punch. I just think it's a matter of time before he gets punched. Like I won't be surprised. Whatever.

Phew, now that that's done. Let's talk about other thing. Sounded like some kind of mad bitch just now. School life is getting so stressful now, like people be pissing on shit. What ever happened to fun and happy school life where everyone be laughing and be happy. Honestly, I can't help but to think it was a mistake to transfer back into this course and school. Or was it that my expectations for what poly life is too high? Recently my outfits has been damn cute. And who do we thank? ASOS.COM. And other things.



And to this ass piece of shit, I love taking photos of myself, you ugly your problem, no need to bring your insecurity to me. Thanks and FUCK OFF.

Speaking of which, went out with Nadz on Sunday, didn't take photos :(. But was great that we met up, like finally! Wanted to go shopping, since we went town. Only bought 2 shirts and I bought it for future presentations for school. The worst was the H&M high school collection, I thought it'll be like nice and stuff, but it was disappointment. Or is it because I wasn't looking at the right stuff?

Besides that point, went to other shops like F21 & Topshop, like nothing also. I want to buy a new bag, a smaller version of a holdall, so I can bring it to school but I just can't find it. Found one design that was super nice at Fred Perry, but it's too damn huge it'll make me look like a fool if I bring it to school. Had dinner at Popeyes. And beside our tables is this group of irritating chinese fangirls of KPOP. CANNOT STAND IT. NOISY AS FUCK. IRRITATING AS HELL. I cannot stand it when they talk about an idol and get so excited and loud and start laughing with their high pitch sound. Talk about my Nichkhun somemore. The weirdest thing is when they laugh, whatever they talked about isn't even funny to begin with. HAHA!

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