Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Bomb As Fuck

It's wednesday afternoon right now, and it is post project presentation. And I think we did well, cos the lecturer said that our presentation was the 'MODEL ANSWER'. GE-NI-US. Honestly, I think we did the best cos we young, beautiful, fun and spontaneous. But, so proud my group, took 2 days to finish it. And we really took 2 days! Like, on monday and tuesday, we stay back after school until 9pm! And I swear I almost died yesterday cos I was tired as fuck, and also the trip back was so long. AND WORST OF ALL, I WANTED TO SHIT. I was like holding it in, I was like 'Lord jesus'. WOOOW hardest day ever. Thank god its over. And was suppose to meet in school at 7am today to discuss, and in the end? I only reached at 10:30. But finally it is over. And I'm just gonna eat, go home, sleep, wake up and study my psychology test. And this friday, THE SEMESTER IS OVER and once I pass up all the CAs by next week, and other nonsense stuff, I CAN FINALLY DO NOTHING FOR MONTHS, and I am so happy. And also, I can finally post more fun stuff, like outings so that I can blog about interesting stuff, and not boring stuff.

But anyways, last wednesday, I was cute and bomb as fuck, so I asked Charissa, my good friend a.k.a celebrity photographer specializing in taking outfit of the day. So, we went to recce for place, and I think I was  BOMB AS FUCK. ANd took ootd with my classmate Mani, I mean Natasha, and Nata, I mean Nyra. NATASHA & NYRA. And after editing, I think it looks good!




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