Friday, 9 August 2013


So if you may or may not, I suppose not, since nobody really gave a shit, today. Yes today, 8th of August, is my Birthday. And now that I'm 17, it feels so weird because I didn't feel and didn't do shit. And being 17, its so out of nowhere, like when you go on the world wide web, you see people talking about sweet 16s, and how you are legal when you hit 18. And here I am, 17. It's such an annoying age because, it's so nothing, like life doesn't backtrack, and doesn't move forward. Annoying as fuck, but true as hell. So, I didn't celebrate it, because I felt like it was really nothing, and that there's nothing to celebrate about, like 17 years on earth, big deal? I didn't really achieve much, not that I can think of. Wasn't a great year, went into a school, course, class that I'm less than satisfied with, and the rest just came and went like a blur. And here I am, 12am, 9th of August, post birthday, blogging about it. And it was as uneventful as it can get.

Woke up at 12, ate, and rotted in my room, facing my Mac and doing some of the due CAs that I have, many of which isn't done, watched some Youtube videos, Maury to be exact, edited and uploaded a vlog and yeah, pretty much summed up today. Told my mum to not bother to buy a birthday cake because there's really nothing to celebrate, there's no point in having a cliché sing a song and pretend to be happy when my feelings are so meh throughout. But, ummmm, this entry/post I guess is to just tell everyone how being 17 felt like, and all those going on 17 soon, DON'T EXPECT TOO MUCH LAH SIAL. Since, this post is so short, I'd reckon that I'll put the photos I took in school when we're discussing a project. This entry is so short and weird, and out of nowhere, but, it corresponds to how turning 17 feels like.

 OMG GURRRL, this photo I look BOMB AS FUCK.

Hahahaha! Quite excited for the next entry that I'll be posting, took some really nice photos WITH SPECIAL THANKS TO MY FRIEND CHARISSA, seriously, can always count on her to help me get through tough life/times. HAHA, but till then, here's a vlog that I did super long ago, but finally edited it! 

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