Saturday, 28 February 2015

5 FOOLPROOF Ways To Leave A Good Impression

No matter what the situation is, leaving a good impression is something we all want right? Or at least, not leave a bad impression, especially to people we just met or when you're meeting you lecturers/boss/new friends/DATE. If you search on google, there is virtually endless links, telling you a thousand and one way to look good so you can leave a good impression. Most of them either cost a bomb, or just way too complicated to even get started. 

From personal experience and the complexity of it, I've fine tuned the easiest and FOOL PROOF methods to leave a good and lasting impression. 

1 : Dress well

At first glance, many people go like, “ummm, hello, this one no need to say also kow lah.” But in real life situations, you’ll be surprised how many people will say that they know but still dress like crap. Why dress well? For the simple reason your body takes up 80% of your body,(if you get what I mean) and by dressing well, you just show that you are well put together.

While I’m no style guru, for starters, no shorts, apparels ironed, NO SLIPPERS OR BIRKENSTOCK(hell to the no). Besides, what’s wrong with looking good right?

2 : Clean Hair

Maybe it’s my personal pet peeve, but what’s worst than messy hair, is dirty hair. And if you think you can hide your 5-days-unwashed-hair in a bun, trust me, we know. The problem with dirty hair is that it’ll look frizzy, oily and clumpy, and if you have long hair, it is GAME OVER. The moment you turn your head and the hair swings. … .. …… The smell will be the smell of the century.

Also, the feeling of oily scalp just makes your whole body uncomfortable. And trying to conceal the smell by dousing your hair in perfume will just make it smell even worst. So make sure you have clean washed hair! It gives it a nice shine and the feeling of clean hair, is just a good thing.

3 : Smell good

Kind of the same point as the previous one, but take a shower before you step out of the house, and if you’re feeling fancy, spritz on a little bit of perfume or lotion up. That really helps, I remember reading somewhere where they say over anything, people’s strongest impression of you is based on how you smell.

And with that said, when it comes to smelling good, complete the whole package, which includes oral hygiene too! Brush your teeth to show those pearly whites.

4 : Smile and nod

Smile and look pleasant, easy to say, hard af to do, I know. This is especially important if you’re interacting with new people or bosses. If they’re talking LOOK IN THEIR EYES AND NOD. Even though you’re not even slightly interested in what they are saying, always nod and from time to time vocally agree.

This will make them think you’re engaged in what they are saying. Try to look pleasant while doing this, and not stare and judge à silently judge can lah.

Most importantly, NEVER look at them halfway and drift off, looking at your phone on social media. That is the worst thing next to not paying attention at all. When you do this, it like telling the person ‘Oi, I tried to be engaged, but you’re boring af, shut up thanks.’

5. Remember their names

Not the most important, but something nice you can do. Just remember their name until they leave, so at least when you guys can bye you can say “BYE (NAME),”, and not like an idiot and like “bye bye/zai jian,” and then stare then don’t know what to do.

But if you really can’t remember, follow the ghetto route to solve things. Just go  ‘Bye Gurl,’ most of the time, that works as well as remembering their names.

The whole point is to establish a sense of closeness so if you ever bump each other in public or need their help it wouldn’t be a contemplating and mentally vexing task.

Well, the above tips is useless if you have a shit personality, but these are the top 5 foolproof methods to leave a good impression, from looking the part to walking the walk.

Bye Gurl.

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