Wednesday, 18 March 2015

The Undeniable 'X' in Life

Awhile ago, I was just caught in my own bubble of thoughts, and then I wondered, isn't it sad, that some people that appeared in your life just happens to be an 'X'. Not that they are a mistake or error, but do you see how tragic X relationships are.

2 people walking in separate directions in life suddenly cross path for that one point in time, no matter how long or short that path is, there comes a time where these 2 people have to carry on their baggages and responsibilities, only to never meet again.

It's scary I think, that person could be an acquaintance, a friend, a lover, or simply just a stranger. But the more the person meant, the crazier it gets. From someone you share the deepest secrets with, talking about the future like we knew shit. Feeling like a day without each other is equitable to having no air, then suddenly, to someone you didn't understand, or really know, and then there comes that one moment where you don't know anymore.

Flatlined, blanked out, suddenly you're source of happiness becomes your sole source of unhappiness, spending hours on why you're feeling like that. You love them, but you hate them, and then you're pretty much just screwed all around.

Some people are just 'X's entwined with this nonsense called life. For some, it's easy to let them pass/ As for the select few, you I just pray that different paths leads to the same destination, eventually.

I hope, I pray, I continue.

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