Thursday, 26 February 2015

Rushing like crazy, printing and praying I don't miss the submission deadline, literally strutting the pavement to my academic school. Sweating, feet aching, I submitted before the deadline, fantastic! And at that instance, that second the papers were passed.

Year 2 was over.

Holidays are officially here.

I've been waiting for a whole semester for this, 15 weeks of shitty curricular time and boom. I guess I'm feeling slightly gutted because of how uneventful it just passed. After submitting, I had lunch with my classmate, went to the agency to chill for a moment and it just flatlined.

I guess it was exactly that, which explained why I felt so odd. I remember the last presentation last semester was a build up and so much work and it was just pure relief when it was over, regardless the grade. And this time, there was no presentation just a submission.

So ironic, the actual submission took less than 5 seconds and I spent 2 hours slogging my way to school.

I guess now looking back at the semester, I started to think I should've worked harder, but oh well, here's to another part of my life that is over.

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