Friday, 27 February 2015

3 Ways Perfectionists View Their Work

Perfectionists in the world unite! As I finished one of my presentations earlier in the month, I had a sudden revelation of how we, perfectionists view the work that we produce. Now you might be wondering, how else can we view our work, it can only be perfect.

In case you’re wondering how to spot one, a perfectionist usually is very picky and find doubts in everything, and only selects one that is near perfect. If it doesn’t fit in their expectation and vision, be prepared to fight your way so your idea stays. But at the end of the day, the final work is usually that amazing.

Let it be our overbearing expectations or external influences, here’s the 3 ways perfectionists view their work.

1. Immensely proud of the work done

The first kind, a.k.a the best type of feeling, is being absolutely proud, gleaming with honour almost of the final work done. Just like a boy scout who got a new badge, you wear your heart on your sleeve honey. Merely seeing it even months after makes you want to sit down and appreciate everything that you’ve done. Reading and scrolling through again and again, and if it was a presentation, you’d even read out your script to yourself.

2. Not that happy, but it's the best that I can give you

The second kind, occurs mostly under 2 circumstances,

1.      Working in a group
2.      Time constraints

Or sometimes in worser situations, both. In this kinds of situation, we perfectionists are sometimes disappointed by the own expectation we have not just for ourselves, but people around. When stuck with people who aren’t as driven, we can only take their weights and do it. And without the help of people doing their due diligence, we’re pressed for time to still deliver without fail.

At the end of the day, we still deliver – definitely not the best, but it was the best that we can do. And when this kind of situation arises, we can only say “that was literally the best I could have done, what I can give, I gave, and I’m proud of my work, but only mine,” if anyone asked how the work went.

3. Not the best at all, but we're just at that stage we couldn't give less fucks

Situations like these are more cynical and funny, and we have to put the blame on ourselves sometimes. We’re humans too, we still need a break sometimes! Attitudes like these happens more likely when it is the last project of the year, or the month or whatever that meant we’re nearing the end.

A concoction of lack of drive and energy on flatline, we put in the best of us(albeit not much left), and do no final checks,(actually we still do, lazily once) and just submit it. Only to face the music when we get the results back, but meh, it’s over anyway.

So there you have it, the 3 ways perfectionists view their work, let it be their disgustingly high expectations and fast-paced working manner, you know that if you do manage to run in their lane, and you run fast enough, you're in a stressful but at the end of the day great outcome. 

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