Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Late Everyday

So recently, I didn't blog, nor did I live. For the past week, every single day, I left the school only after 10pm. Everyday, I'm struggling to finish the CAs which due date is approaching very rapidly as I am typing this, and for the past week, and including this, Starbucks and FC5 has already become my second home, and I spend my waking hours here. To think, the only things I do at home is bathe, supper, try to do even more CAs, but obviously slumbering into a deep sleep minutes later. Initially, wanted to do an entry on this Awesome app that I found recently, and no, it is not flappy birds. But I guess all that would have to come later.

One thing that I am thankful for is the company that I found. That they too, are trying to do CAs, and that being at home just doesn't cut it cause productivity is non-existent. It's tiring, but kind of fun. But i hope that the efforts placed into the CAs will bear good fruits of labour. I am done with Bs and B+s, it's time for me to start getting some As!

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