Thursday, 30 January 2014

Suki-Ya! All you can eat!

Got the chance to finally meet up with the Stayover group for CNY dinner on Tuesday. Well, early celebration that is. This time, Jane's sister came along as well! And before I start, CAN WE TALK ABOUT HOW THE ENTIRE DAY CONSPIRED AGAINST ME?!

Ok, so lecture ended 15 minutes early, which is good right? Of course it is. Had to stay back with Charissa to discuss on one of our projects (which we eventually found out we did it ALL WRONG the nest day), and we decided to go to Starbucks. Everything was fine, I was in a little rush of time, because I wanted to get home, bathe, change and then meet them. So at Starbucks, I decided to buy the Molten Chocolate cake, and everything was ok. Then after 20 minutes, I felt like I needed to shit. And I was focused on finishing the task on hand, so I was like holding it in a little bit. And also, I really hate school toilets, especially the one next to the Starbucks food court, it always stinks and reeks of urine smell. Gross. I was suppose to leave at 4, but I only left at around 4:30 - 4:45pm. And my stomach still hurts and I REALLY NEEDED TO TAKE A SHIT. So I got on the train, and after what seemed to be a gruelling hour, I GOT THE FUCK HOME.

And what happened? I'm locked out of my own goddamn house. I know. How? Like, how is it even possible. Well, here's how it goes. I don't bring keys, because I have a tendency and habit of misplacing things and it just goes missing, so unless I HAVE TO, I won't. My maid usually would be at home to open the door. But she decided to go to the convenience store to get something, and that took forever within itself.

So being the crafty, I decided to push the door open(the one with the grill is still locked.), and use an umbrella to to TRY to at least hook the key out. And what happens? The key got unhooked and dropped. Stuck between the shoe chair and wall. Seriously, can I get anymore unlucky? Yes, yes I can, or so did what happens later prove. I used the umbrella hook to hook the leg of the chair, so the key can fall to the ground and I can use the umbrella to drag it to me. AND somehow, the key got further until I can no longer see it, like it was hid behind a wall.

So, I am stuck outside my house, late for dinner, sweaty and hot, AND NEEDED TO SHIT. I waited and waited, and FINALLY my maid came home. Reached home and realise, 'Shit my battery (both the camera and phone) is dying.' So before I went to bathe, I charged the camera battery. ONLY AFTER COMING OUT OF THE SHOWER DID I REALISE I FORGOT TO CHARGE MY PHONE. Fail fail fail.

If it were you, wouldn't you have thought the world conspired against you, like what could possibly go wrong, went wrong! And it just has to happen that day, that time, that event! *sigh emoji*.

And also, I was late. So, yeah. While on the train towards Bishan to meet XY and Vernice, I was like in my head

'OMFG, am I gonna get more disasters, like has it ended or did it just begun. Please don't melt my contacts later when we're eating'

But luckily, I still have the sense of sight, thank god.

Finally got to Plaza Sing and kind of lost of way, lost meaning we all knew it was on the 3rd/4th level, but roam around and can't find it because we're at the wrong level!

So how it works is that, you're given 100 minutes(Which no one really actually calculates), and you can eat a free flow of absolutely ANYTHING, more obviously, their meat, and specifically, the beef, or Japanese call it, 'Shabu-Shabu'. So, we're served with 4 trays of beef and chicken each. Which I didn't really care, because my aim there was to eat the beef, And it was AMAZING

 Stacks of thinly sliced beef looking pink and gleamingly at you, how can anyone resist?! One thing I love love about this is that their beef is super super soft. If you've been to Seoul Garden, you would understand the joy that I have. The ones at Seoul Garden is so hard and chewy, like any harder you might as well just chew gum. But the beef at Suki-ya, is amazing. Furthremore, it cooks quickly since its so thin, so it didn't feel like a chore to cook it!

And by the way, if you order green tea, it comes in free flow as well! And I always loved Japanese green tea, because of its slightly bitter taste, but that is the speciality of Japanese green tea! THe soup base you can get them to refill as well! One thing though, when it starts boiling down a bit, the soup gets super salty! 

 Another thing that I super appreciate from Suya-ki is that they have glass noodles, nothing beats that! Glass noodles are super smooth and the texture is just so good to chew on. You can see that the soup is super flavourful, the glass noodle is soaked with the soup base, and I didn't even put it in for too long! Talk about their flavourful soup!

Vernice, being very clever, decided to tell the waitress to bring in 10 trays of meat, 5 beef, 5 chicken. Chicken that has barely been touched, since only Xi Yun and Jane's sister were eating because they can't eat beef. So what started out as a regular soup base in the end became a Chicken Stew, as wasted food is charged 20% of the total bill. So lesson of the day, make sure you take food you can finish. OMG, we are so typical all-you-can-eat diners, getting a lot of food, but in the end can't finish. 

And here we see Vernice trying her best to finish the extra plates of chicken. Haha! 

What is any meal without desserts right? Right. They're dessert is Ice Cream! And their Ice Cream are those soft serve dispenser types. Which instantly brings me back to the times where 7-11 sells their signature $1 Ice-Cream Mr. Softee, and you can fill up however much you want, as long as it fits the cup! Still remember their 3 flavours, chendol, chocolate and vanilla! Ahhh, memories. Hahaha! 

Sadly its Tuesday, meaning there's school next day, meaning that we can't stay out late! Sad! That's life being a student. Not that I'm complaining, but you get the point. But obviously, when there's an outing, there has to be photos! 

 Can you spot which 2 are sisters? 

And here is Vernice, caught in the act, trying to 'di siao' Jane. 

The amount we paid was around $25 for dinner and inclusive of GST and other miscellaneous fees too! Great for outings and dinners, and super worth it for people with an appetite for all-you-can-eat deals! Which sadly, doesn't suit me, because for some reason, I could never eat a lot during buffets or these kinds of promos! But I really think everyone should check it out at least once with your family and friends!

The train ride home for some reason felt so fast, maybe because there was so much of catching up, and we lost track of time? Haha. I felt like that day was so short, firstly, because we're late, and also we had to go home early. But hope to meet them soon, during holidays! Ughh, speaking about holidays just reminds me of the ASSIGNMENTS I HAVE TO PASS UP BEFORE THE HOLIDAY STARTS. 

And with that, Happy Chinese New Year everyone! 


  1. Why do you copy the 80's generations style ? You look like an idiot