Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Monthly Photo (December)

Almost forgot about it, monthly photos this month, I realised that I actually have photos for this month! And I wanted to photoshop it and enhance it first, but then I realised, nahh, couldn't be bothered really. So this would likely be the ugliest post I've done in a while.

So basically this month's MP is mainly photos taken with Addin when we had dinner together at KTPH, a.k.a second home during 'O' levels. Don't understand? It is considered our, or mine at least a second home during graduating year. And no, I wasn't hospitalised. So during grad year, I was lucky enough to find 2 friends, Shi Min and Addin and we studied non-stop and after school, we would rush home to bathe and go to the hospital to study. And the best thing about KTPH is that it's really modern and fresh and big tables for us to study.

But anyway, wanted for the 3 of us to meet, but Shi Min, being in JC, has to study, sadly or not. So me and Addin just met. And we really had a lot to talk about and how school was for her. We're both studying Mass Communications you see, but in different poly, but she has maths. So, what you want to make out of it, is up to you.

Sigh Sigh Sigh, miss those times when I was blonde.

That's all for this monthly photos for this month. 

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