Friday, 26 December 2014


'I know that they say that all i want is to have fun, 
and get away from rainy days'

There's something about rainy seasons that I just can't seem to get over. Like today, it almost rained all day. There's really nothing more I'd like to do but go to some coffee place and find a window seat and just stare outside and look as the rain falls. The gloominess of it has always seemed extremely calming and it helps with the sombre and slouchiness of the day, almost as if god placed a blanket over and gets everyone sleeping. Heavy rains, I just get so addicted. 

Maybe it's the pure laziness the rain gives me the high. I know, how mad right. 

Earlier on I was watching a some random Youtube video I somehow stumbled on. A talk show called 'The Talk', how direct huh. A knock-off of The View. Well, I have to be honest, I knew what that show was and just wanted to watch and criticise how bad it was. But then the issue of happiness came up. 

 'You have to take responsibility of your own happiness'

Well yes, on somedays, most days even, we would all love to agree and think that what we do is what makes us, and what makes us, makes us happy. 

I think a great portion of the time, yeah, that is true. And when you read quotes and books, you start to wonder and question why everything is so complicated, and we're so incredibly fortunate to have what we have. 

Until you snap out of it and realise, life happens. Life gives you a ton of shit that we're never going to be fully ready or can do prior preparation. Accidents, relationships, friends, situations, work, social. Everything comes in when you least expect it. 

While it may be selfish to bear the responsibility or attribute it otherwise, but really it's the people you love especially that makes what you feel, think and do what you do. People get sick, stress comes. Yes we can be as positive and happy but things happen. 

But it is true to bring ourselves back up again, but happiness is never really a one man duty. But we then start to wonder, what does true happiness mean and how long can it last?

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