Monday, 1 December 2014

Alcohol Makes Everything Better

If you've came across my blog or know me since circa 2012, you would have realised that my hair has gone through the shades of colours under the sun, from the good ones to the 'oh-lord-what-was-he-thinking' moments, I've braved through it all and looked amazing, at least the hair colour did.

If you ever bleached your hair, the question that people always, ALWAYS, I MEAN ALWAYS ask is

And the truth is, YES, IT DOES. There is no way for bleached hair to not get frazzled and fried after constant rounds of bleaching and dyeing. And sometimes, even daily rounds of hour long conditioning may not necessarily help. 

Until I read this formula on Buzzfeed and several websites, being desperate and willing to try anything cheap to salvage what's already probably dead hair. 


I know this sounds so stupid, but it actually works! So apparently, how and why this works is because of the natural barley, hops and malt, which is rich in protein, which is what our hair is made of. And this helps revitalise your hair and giving it shine, lustre and overall softness. 

I took it upon myself and realising that there's like leftover beer from CNY, some still fresh, some expired already, but that isn't the point, since you ain't drinking it anyway. So here's Neon's step-by-step on how to use beer on yo hurrrrrrr, and get the va-va-voom blowout sexiness you never wanted.

  Get the beer. Use lager beer, like the yellow kinds, no hard liquor, or wine or those ABC black beer, even though I've heard that champagne works as well. If you live the high life, go ahead with champagne. 

 Shampoo your hurr, condition it reallllll good, like leave it in for like 30 minutes if your hair is like beyond help. 

Step 3 
 Let the beer flow. Try to do it with a bucket underneath, so you can catch all the beer that dripped, so you can use it to rinse through your hair. Live it in for how short and how long you want, depending on how damaged your hair is. 

TIP : KEEP YOUR EYES AND MOUTH SHUT THE ENTIRE TIME, shit burned my eyes and it tasted bad. 

TIP : And if you have coloured hair, prepare yourself for a colour disaster. Last time I did it with blue hair, shit turned GREEN. THe beer turned green. wtf.

Before you judge, at least give it a try. I mean CNY is coming go snag a few free cans from your relative or neighbours. And don't take my words for it, celebrities like Catherine Zeta-Jones swear by this ok. I know most of you probably don't know who she is, but google her. 

And if you done all that right you gon' have gorgeous hair.

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