Thursday, 18 September 2014

Assembly Coffee

mmmmm, yum-my! So a week or 2 or so, after all the school related shit was over, it was time to unwind a little bit, and chill. 

 Name maintain ah, it's Neon* Haha!

So me and Renae, have been talking about hanging and just talk and do all sorts of nonsense since forever, but since we're from different classes, with different schedules and also the piling amount of schoolwork we had to clear, time just didn't permit us to just chill. 

But finally, when the holidays came, we knew that it was time. Haha! So after deciding, we settled with going to Assembly coffee at Evans Road. So we met at around 3 in the afternoon, and tried to navigate ourselves to Assembly, but we just walked and walked and walked, and the weather that day was humid as fuck, I was sweating and silently bashing myself questioning my life decision on why I decided to not bring that packet of tissue I reminded myself to. 

But after walking along the pavement that has no ending, and also crossing roads seeing nothing but trees, we landed ourselves in the front of NUS, and I felt so bad, because I suggested to go to Assembly. With the shit ass weather and being absolutely lost, we decided to just cab there. 

And after a what seems to be a 10 - 15 minutes(?) ride, but don't trust me, I have a very bad concept of time. And after a little over $6 worth of cab fare, we arrived to Assembly. The thing about Assembly is that it belongs to one of those cafés where you have to really know where you're going or else there's no way in eternity you can get there. Or if you a good sense of direction then that works as well, up to you. 


Located directly opposite Evans lodge, Assembly fits snugly in between a row of eateries, one of it being Hatched, some of you may know. Don't observe it carefully and you might miss it! But you have to give points for the nicely designs letter 'A' though. 

Walking along this street, you may not think many people would come to this place, but upon entering Assembly, you can hear the noise of people chatting, laughing and enjoying. The sound of business, the sound of money. But anyway, the atmosphere of it immediately reminded me of Strangers Reunion which I also blogged about here. Not exactly my favourite, the small space it had echoed a lot of the noises and people's loud chatters put me off BIG TIME. 

But since we're there already, what else to do but settle down? 

After looking at the menu, which again coincidentally looked very identical to Strangers' Reunion's, we decided to place orders. 

Before the food came, got myself a iced chocolate drink. Now looking at the picture, you may have thought that I must have took a nice big gulp and forgotten to take a photo of it and only compensated with taking a 3/4 cup of drink right? WRONG. First thing that I was like wtf to me, is that the drink they served wasn't even full. Not even trying to be a nitpick or cheapo. But the glass isn't even that tall. So that was a turn off. Taste wise, not bad, but I wouldn't say it's amazing, in short, I've tasted better ones. 

And also in the picture you can see my ratchet iPhone 4, gonna change it soon, so don't judge me please. My i5 died really badly ok! Which is documented here.

 ^ Renae ordered the Earl Grey Waffles

 While I ordered the Chocolate and strawberry waffle. 

The waffles here in Assembly really don't disappoint. A very light crisp on the outside that doesn't kill your teeth, and when you start chewing, the inside has a nice fluffy, spongy texture. Like it keeps you going for the next bite, really good!

It was pretty good, the waffles were relatively thick, fluffy, which is basically the epitome of what waffles should be. It has a nice texture to it, the more I think about it the more I like crave for it. You know how some waffles are super hard on the inside and out, making it more like a biscuit than a waffle?

So it looks nice and all, and it really is, except if you look at the menu...


FUCKING LIES AND BULLSHIT. Cause while I was ordering, I was just casually looking around and one of the workers there opened the freezer and pulled out a tub or Ice Cream, it was the NESTLE ICE CREAM, the 1.5 litre, blue 8 sided box, the cheapest one you can find at the supermarket. 

Which was a even bigger disappointment, because I really like Vanilla Ice Cream, and I didn't come all the way here, get lost to eat Ice Cream that I also have at home. #NotImpressed. 

But honestly, when you pair waffles and ice cream, it's really important for the ice cream to be good graded, because if not, the Ice cream will not only melt quickly, but the creaminess and depth of the vanilla is just not enough to give you the feels, which totally kills the dish. How disappointing. 

During our time there me and Renae basically gossip-mongered our way through, we talked about how our presentations went and got to know more about each other's class. And I realised that there's no perfect class where everyone's in perfect harmony. There's bound to be something happening, hiccups at least along the way. Even though with that said, my class hasn't seen just hiccups, we were full on puking. 

Service wise, maybe I was being paranoid, but I have this feeling that the staff were sort of chasing us out. Like the moment we put down our utensils, the person would want to come and ask if he could take away the plates and stuff. You can call it efficiency, but I felt like they were indirectly chasing us out. And the moment he cleared our table he said 'is there anything you like to order?'. But from the tone, all I heard is 'If you finished eating and have nothing to order, please gtfo, there are other customers'. 

Food                        6/10
Service                    3/10
Price                        6/10
Ambience                2/10

Final Score: 3.25

Just like Stranger's Reunion, the noise was over-bearing and I can hardly be heard without raising my volume. The food was really just ok. The rest, hmmm mediocre. Would I go back again or recommend people to go? Probably not. No. 

After Assembly was over, and getting a better sense of where we're going, we ventured with the mission to get back to the train station. And surprisingly, the walk back was so so so much shorter, I think we just walked the wrong route in the beginning? 

As we all know, Botanic Gardens MRT or the area around it has really nothing much to explore, unless looking at cars go by is your thing, we trained to a place that I know too well. Holland Village. 

By that time I remember that I was like kind of light headed, because I didn't sleep the previous night, and if you've ever tried not sleeping for a day, you brain's function starts to fuck up. It's like I can hear words but I can't internalise it, does that even make sense? 

Holland V, after going there so often, I'm like no longer feeling it anymore. But since we already ate, we headed for some drinks at everything with fries. Funny huh, going EWF just for drinks. 

I got the lemon soda, and as you can see, it is pretty big in the serving, but for all it should be, because it costs $8. Basically it's just sprite/7-up and a WHOLE LEMON. Actually you know what, no. It is so overpriced. But looking at the menu, this is probably the best thing I could order, in hopes that the sourness can wake me up a little bit. Did it work? Dubious. 

Renae, got some lychee and vodka drink. And over there we just like talked more about blogging stuff, cause she blogs too! 

Once we're done with drinks, we decided to walk around for a little bit. But the alcohol was super strong in Renae's drink so she needed to sit for a while. Turns out that this was Renae's FIRST TIME drinking alcohol outside of her home, and she didn't expect for the alcohol to be so strong. So we basically just sat on the staircase looking like some classy hobos. 

And there we have Renae trying to get herself together. AHAHAH

For the most parts, it was pretty funny, because after a while we tried to move to the bus stop so she can sit better, but after standing up and walking a few steps, she was like 'I think I need to sit down again'. And after a while again, we managed to get ourselves a few flights of stairs up, which is better than nothing. And after a while again, we managed to go all the way to the bus stop, where Renae tried to call the cab, but it was hard since we didn't know the exact location of where we were. 

So after Renae felt better, we painstakingly walked all the way back towards the MRT station, and in the midst of phoning for a cab, luckily enough an empty one came along, so she got back home.

As for me? I had to make a quick walk over to the body shop to get some essentials.s Essentials my ass! Just went over to get some masks that is really amazing, when I first used it I was like in shock. Maybe I'll talk about it in a bit? See how lah hor. 

Took the train home, and shit happens and a headache came along. Had to wash my hair since I styled it up, and it always takes damn long thanks to conditioning. #AsianBlondeProblems. Once I was out of the shower, I CRASHED. CRASHED. But ever since then my sleeping pattern has reverted back to normal. (If you've read my blog or twitter feed, you would have known that prior to this I slept in the morning and get super awake at night.)

Really good time hanging out with Renae, hopefully we'll get to hang soon again. Gonna end of this post with the remaining photos. I know the photos' colours is looking a lil' bit off, but that's cause it was really dark when we took it, so I had to amp up the brightness on photoshop, hence the result. 

And before I end off, you can see more of Renae over at her blog :

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