Sunday, 25 May 2014

The Unluckiest Day

Today, is by far the worst day that I have experienced, ever since this year happened. It is so ridiculous, the stupidity of it isn't real ok. So the previous night, I wanted to wake up earlier at 10 - 11 so I could get some school stuff printed. And as expected, I woke up late, not only for the printing, but for school! So being late, I decided to cab to school, when I got into the cab, the taxi is only driving to AMK, so I just stuck on to it and went to school from AMK, which thankfully, I still reached on time. For the first time on a Tuesday class, I was sleepy throughout the whole lesson, as if I couldn't absorb everything properly.

So when class ended at 5, and I was planning to go and print afterwards. But some of my classmates decided to stay back after school to finish the projects, but 20 minutes later, they decided not to. I know. -_______-. Anyway, the printing shop is at West Coast Plaza, which is a few bus stops away from Clementi. But the thing is, I have only ever been there via taxi. So when I reached Clementi, I decided to be a brave bitch and try to take a bus there. But after trying to decide which direction should I take, I couldn't. So deciding to give up, I went to wait for a cab.

Except........ THERE WAS NO CAB. I waited for a good 20 minutes, and all the cabs were either hired or just driving past. And the sun was shining in my face, and I had sweat all over my face. And one thing I hate is the sweaty feeling, somemore all over my face! T______T. So, stupidly enough, I decided to search online on what buses I can take, and it said 168. So seeing a 168 reach, I just boarded it with much thought at all. When I was in the bus I looked around feeling more and more lost. And I took a search on google maps, and realise I WAS TAKING THE WRONG DIRECTION.

And mind you I was so tired, sleepy and sweaty, I felt so pathetic, like 'OMG, did this seriously just happen.' And I gave up hopes of even getting my stuff printed. But with the graces of god, I didn't wander off to some suburb in Eunos or Bugis, and the bus service ended at Bukit Batok. Feeling hungry and hopeless, I whatsapped Mun to ask if she was in the BB area since she lived there. And after no reply, I relentlessly tapped in to the train station ready to go home.

EXCEPT, she replied. So I had to tap out again. #OMFG fail max. And that was 0.77 cents wasted. ahahahahah! But I guess it was good, since I always wonders, if I tap in and tap out without going anywhere, will they still charge me since I didn't travel at all. So turned out, yes they do!

So thankful we met cause if I had went home, I'd be the most sour person on earth. The feeling is something I'm never wanting to experience again, I SWEAR. So, yeah, this post is about the most stupid thing that happened today.

 Awkward Couple at the back dating. caught in action. 

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