Thursday, 8 May 2014

I have 525 friends, yet I'm lonely

Please watch this life changing 5 minute video. And share this post. 

When was the last time you really had a long, deep-er conversation face to face with someone you can call a friend?

I was just randomly browsing through social media(more specifically, Facebook), and I chanced upon this video. The words said drove tears tingling by the corners of my eyes. And how true, the point it is trying to prove. I think we humans, are living in a digital age, where we no longer have to feel 'alone' and awkward while being by one's self because we pretend(or not!) to be so engrossed with whatever that is tweeted or tumblr posts. And through the process of that, we miss a lot of thing that we could've seen, people we could've met, lives we could've otherwise lived.

Digital Technologies has created a phenomenon that what used to be norm : social interaction in real life, seen as social cues to label one weird. In the past, people can go to a restaurant by themselves, but still meet and make acquaintances through over-the-table conversations. But now, everyone's reduced to having plate in the front and phone behind the plate, looking at stuff. And the moment someone turns over to try to have small-talk or just ask you a simple question of 'hey, how's the taste?'. You nod or totally ignore then go on to tweet about 'the freaked that tried hitting up on me'.

There are far too many meaningful things that are being narrated, so I'll end this post with the ones that we should really think about, and consider.

'I took a step back and opened my eyes, looked around and I realised this media we call social, is anything but when we open our computers and doors we shut '

'A world where we're slaves to technology where WE mastered'

'Be there for your friends, and they'll be there too. But no one will be if a group message will do.'

'No one wants to talk to each other for the fear of looking insane'

'We're a generation of idiots; SMARTphones and DUMB people'

'We have a finite existence, a set number of days, don't waste your life being caught in the net, as when the end comes, nothing's worst than regrets'

p/s I re-watched the video, and I got really teary eyed. Because everything that is narrated is telling so so much about the society that we ourselves choose to live in. The above quotes are those that really struck me.     

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