Friday, 4 April 2014

Yuki's Hospital Experience

OMG, who's that on the hospital bed?! If you read the last post(if you haven't here it is), you know that 20 Japanese from 4 different schools came to Singapore for 2 weeks, and me and a few other students were there to teach them English and also do some chaperone duties. 

Unfortunately, one of 20, Yuki got appendicitis on the second week and had to get admitted into Mount Elizabeth. I know right, out of all the times that it could have happened, it had to happen on the two weeks he was in foreign land. But fear not, Singapore has great medical services, and thankfully for him, insurance covered almost everything. 

The first time we went to visit him was on the day ALL of them were scheduled to fly back, which was 29th March. Had to leave the hostel briefly to visit and see his condition first. Initially I was quite shocked how the doctor were planning to discharge him 2 days later when he can barely speak. 

 Selfie Attack! So fast forward a few days, and it was the day Yuki was to fly back to Japan. Minzy and the rest visited him in the morning reaching the hospital at 10/11(?), and I had to go to school with Megan to settle some projects. Initially wanted to reach the hospital at 3 after the meetings, but got the text that they were going to Haji Lane to do a little shopping. So we reckoned we go have lunch/dinner at I am Cafe. Cabbed there from school because Megan was dying from hunger, and on the way the cab drove past Farrer Road and their hostel. Memories :'(

Ordered the beef burger, and I got to say it's not bad, pretty filling but for $14.90(roughly there), it better be filling! Definitely don't recommend it to people who aren't a big fan of beef, because it may make you feel nauseated halfway through. I mean along with the beef comes a thick load of cheese, as seen in the picture. Otherwise, dig in! I love how there is pineapple inside too, giving a nice crunchy and juicy texture, and the sweetness and tartness from it balances the nuttiness of the burger!

Megan ordered some pasta dish, which is tomato based, same price as well. She said it's pretty good, but the portions for this one came in a bit small! So, boo hoo! Either that, or she was too hungry!

For desserts, I decided that since I tried the rainbow cake last time, (here), figured out I'll have the red velvet cake this time, while Megan had the rainbow cake. I'm on like a red velvet cake kick recently, like if there's red velvet, trust me to order it. A quarter in and we both kind of regretted ordering, because we were so full! Should have ordered the rainbow cake too though. For some reason the cake was a little bit tough and wasn't as moist and sponge-like as I would have liked.

And thanks to Mu Parlour's Amazing Red Velvet Cake, I really don't know when I'll enjoy a piece that is not from them! Pictures and experience there in this post.

When we were done eating, Megan left first, and I had some time alone, since I couldn't find any them! Took a nice long walk around Haji lane, and I was that bored I walked to Bugis Junction and back! Really enjoyed the walk though, kind of felt like a tourist. Damnn, that explained how much I don't go out. Feeling like a tourist in the country I've lived for almost 2 decades?! Guurl, you kidding me?! And carrying my DSLR definitely made me feel more touristy

He was so much better! As in at least he can talk and be a bit more lively. I still remember when we visited him for the first time, Minzy, Megan and I were FAMISHED since the last meal we had was at 12+ and it was 6+(I think) when we visited. And the nurse was feeding him some soup, and due to taste difference he barely finished 1/4 of the bowl. After we left we were discussing on how the soup smelled nice and like wanted to ask if we can try. LOL!

Which eventually we did! On the day of his discharge, dinner was served because his scheduled time be discharged was at 10. He ate super little, which made us wonder how it tasted. Why leave a question behind when you have the answer in front of you, right? Initially with the loser after rock paper scissors try, we all dug in.(I'm saying as if it's some yummy food) The menu that day was mash, and beef.

OMFG, it tasted like dog food. Not that I've ever tasted it, but it reminded me of how dog food would taste like. All mushy, and turns into a powder almost after you tried to chew on it. Kind of like terrible chicken breast meat. Is this what health freak's mouth feel whenever they eat? Get a life. The soup though, was really nice! I know its shocking like how hospital food is nice, but the soup, whatever it was, was really nice and salty. Like pure beef/chicken/meat broth.

Tired people waiting outside while Yuki changed out of his hospital robes. It was 10 at night and we were finally airport bound, once again. the trip was pretty quick, since we cabbed there. Minzy took a cab with the Japanese teacher and Yuki while me and Kenneth took another. When we were at the airport, wasn't feeling too emotional since Yuki was in Minzy's group and wasn't that close to him. But gonna miss the 2 weeks together anyways!

Mr Wong, the main teacher offered to drive us home again. And we once again turned on radio songs and sang and jammed to it. Gonna miss that a lot too! Dancing and karaoke-ing to whatever that came on. Let it go was playing too, still remember when we sang it to the Japs on the last day they were here!  Can I have them as classmates too please? Haha, guess not. Boooo! Reached home at around 1+! Tiring, but it's all worth it! 

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