Saturday, 12 April 2014

Puking in Public

I puked in public. As crazy as it sounds, it happened. And by public, I don't mean public toilets, I mean in the middle of a mall! This happened to me like few years ago, but I can remember it like it was yesterday. 

So me and this insignificant individual were at this mall, and I was having lunch and stuff, and then out of nowhere I felt my mouth giving me warning sign that it's gonna puke, salivating a lot(does that only happen to me?) By the time I knew it, I wasn't able to make it to the toilet on time. So I puked into the bin. LOLOL, wait, wutttttt. Yes, I PUKED INTO A FUCKING BIN IN A MALL. And I wasn't like puking stomach acids or liquids, its a legit meal ok! To makes things worse, it was lunch hour ON A WEEKEND, so obviously A LOT OF PEOPLE SAW, and I can feel them looking at me. Hurray, finally got the attention I always wanted.  All this time I was puking out the contents of lunch, what did the person that I was with doing? He went off and tell me to meet him at the place. What shit ass kind of person huh? But anyway, I think my aiming skills is superb ok, like all the puke went into the bin without splattering anywhere. But after that I went to the toilet to rinse my mouth and collect back the face and composure that I've lost. I actually stayed in the toilet for like a good 20 minutes. I was so embarrassed by the incident ok. And when I came out, I was praying no one remembered me. That was easy then, I had black hair and was uglier. And why did I not make it to the toilet on time? Because the person was asking me to hold his fucking drink while he puts some shit stuff he has in his bag. Now I am for helping people hold stuff, but seriously, I'm feeling so sick already, how heavy is a bottle of drink? Pathetic. 


Ok, isn't that exciting? Incident Story #2. This time I didn't puke, but still, it's about puking in public, so why not just say it here. So I remember it happened somewhere last year, I was late for class already, and finally I'm at Jurong East, got off the train and stood by the platform with the least amount of people. While looking at the new jeans that I bought(and wearing it!), and just minding my own business. I heard like WATER SPLATTERING sounds, and instinctively, I turned around and so did everyone else #SGKPOs. And a kid next to me PUKED ON THE GROUND, like I can even smell it, it was so nasty and gross. In my head, I was like 'OMFG, this fucking kid better not get any vomit on my jeans or it won't be my glare that burns through his skin'. And thank goodness, it didn't. You have no idea HOW CLOSE HE WAS TO ME, and how much closer the vomit was! It splattered ok, SPLATTERED. The horror. But I felt bad for the boy also. His father just glared at him for 5 seconds without doing anything then just signal him to walk away(to the toilet I hope) to clean up or smth. Honestly, I didn't get why the dad was pissed. It's not like the boy wanted it to happen. When I got to class, I was thinking how lucky I am, even though I was marked absent for being late. #WhatIsLyfe


As for story #3, refer to the previous post, by either scrolling down, or if you're lazy, click here

Ok, gonna end this entry off with a Glozell video. It's absolutely stupid, but it's regarding puke anyways. Enjoy! 

p.s psst, if you want, you can leave comment below on the times you've puked in public! 

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