Wednesday, 2 April 2014

2 Weeks with the Japanese

Honestly, I don't even know where I should start. Two weeks just went by so quickly and it feels awfully weird that everything has ended and they have went back. 

So few weeks back, students from different parts of Japan came to Singapore for like a English learning programme, and I signed up to be a teaching assistant. Initially, the thought of 2 weeks of my holidays taken up would be treacherous, but it turns out to be a wonderful experience. 

So what we did almost everyday, is the main teacher teach them new things, or at the least remind them of what they know, and have a presentation everyday. Well, you see, in just 2 weeks, how much English can you teach anyways? So the programme kind of was a confident booster in speaking the language rather than really learning new fantastic English. 

Throughout the programme, I look forward for lunches, looking at their reactions when they try Singaporean food. Their zero chilli tolerance just made them my kind of people, if you get me. So what have we tried? 

Chicken Rice
FC 3's food 
Burger King
Starvista's food court
Ya Kun
FC 2's food

One thing that I am thankful for are the people who I have met in the entire course. The other teaching assistants and the Japanese, with their extremely adorable actions and how they react when they get what we're trying to tell them. I love how they go 'AHHHHHHHHH okokokok' then the talk in Japanese among themselves.  

So everyday, they have to at the end of the day, craft out a speech and present it the next day. I am so damnnnn proud of their progress, because they started of with us, literally telling them what to write, then give them formats to copy, to in the end, being able to DO IT THEMSELVES. Feeling like a proud parent here. 

But sadly, 2 weeks went by quickly, and it was soon 2nd Friday, which means it's the second last day they'll be in Singapore. And to celebrate that, we had like this farewell lunch and the Japanese actually brought their Kimonos and some TAs brought their traditional costumes! 

With the Jap-for-a-day TA Sherms! 

Oh, and by the way, how's the new hairstyle? Do I not look cute and bomb-er than before?!  Just so you know, I got lazy and didn't bother editing the photos, so whatever you see, you get. Movin' on! 

THE LUNCH THAT DAY. Oh my goodness, we went to the Food haven restaurant. Basically this place no one ever went in cause the glass panels are black and we always thought it was closed. And partially because it looks like what a North Korean restaurant would be, as said by Vinny. The food we had as a class that day was some chicken chop set thingy. The food was just sad. But given that it was free, ok lah, just eat lor.

Would I ever willingly go? No. Hah! Everything was fine until nearing the end of the day. Emotions ran high, and a lot of everyone started crying. Boo hoo, the Japanese were crying, the TAs were crying. And me being unable to cue my emotions at the right time, I fucking didn't. 


 The super selfie! God bless this photo cause I stood in a strategic position which allowed me to be IN THE FUCKING CENTER.

With the other TAs! And Chinhori, the petite Jap girl on the second left! 

And Saturday came along, and it was the day they had to pack and go home. :( Me, Minzy and Megan decided to go to visit them at the hostel and accompany them and spend time basically before they go off. It was a hot hot hot morning, and the walk to the hostel itself raised my body temp to god knows how much! 

If anything I could say, is that the hostel is really terrible, even the Japs themselves get it 0 out of 10! In case you want to know, it is the Singapore International Campus at Duneran Road! It was super nice to be at that area again since that was where my grandparents used to live, and interesting to see how much things have changed. 

The hostel was extremely rundown and nothing that I would expect them to live in. But I guess it's cheap? Before they continue to pack and do their final reports, we joined them for lunch, and for the last time, we went to Xing Wang. First time there, and I have to say, coronation plaza, PLEASE CRANK UP YOUR AC, cause it's not cooling anyone down! 

Ordered the congee there since I wasn't feeling that hungry, and for Xing Wang (or was it Xin Wang?), I guess the congee is pretty good. I mean finding congees that tastes good but at the same time not home-made that is sold in a restaurant is getting harder man! 

So night came and and it was when I really started feeling even more sad. Because all of them started to bring their luggages down and Sho telling instructions, making sure that they carried all the necessary documents, and weighing their luggages as well. Thankfully, there was enough seats on the bus to take us to the airport, cause we were told initially we might have to go by ourselves if there is no seats. 

Minutes seem to pass by a lot quicker and we reached the airport before we knew. And before anything, I made sure I snapped a photo with everyone. 

 With my most amazing group E, so smart and talented, teaching was so easy, thank goodness for them and their cute antics.


Their flight was 1am+ in the morning and it was 10+ when we were their, so we thought we had till maybe 11+ to stay with them, but before we knew it, 10:55 came and they had to be rushed back to their original place to check in. At that point, most of us cried, including me. I kind of didn't see that coming, but when I started to, I was almost balling my eyes out. And the fact that everyone else was crying didn't help. At all. Watching them check in was probably the hardest for me, because it was sinking in to me more clearly than ever, that this is the last time probably, that I will ever see them again. 

And I had to at the same time learn the hard way of how my contacts almost got blinked out after all the crying. Thankfully Mr Wong drove all of us home, or else I would have not made it home. And as of now, I'm suffering severe withdrawal symptoms, and missing them. :( Hope hope hope hope I'll be able to see them again soon. 

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