Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Tokyo Adventures VLOG

So as some of you guys know, I was writing for The Smart Local for a little bit since last year, and one of the highlights was definitely the Japan trip during my last month. I really wanted to blog about ever since we got back, but a)I was too lazy to get started b)The photos aren't edited c)totally forgot to ask Audz to pass me photos from her side. 

And as of now, it's pretty much the same situation. BUT, there is some progress, thankfully. 

Before going for the trip I contemplated if I should even bring my camera, considering how mediocre it is and my inability to capture great visuals just adds to the list of reasons why I shouldn't. But even with that, I reckoned to just bring it anyway. 

I kinda had half a mind to do a vlog, but still pretty meh about it, cause I had no idea what I wanted to capture. So I just shot whatever I thought was relevant and could be used in the final video. Note: usually these footages just lie and rot in my hard drive. 

But this time around, I was determined to not isolate these wonderful moments to myself and actually make something worthy out of it. So I undusted my age old premiere pro and tried to fiddle and make sense out of this confusing software. This was also where not listening in editing class came back to bite me in the ass. 

But after hours of trying, I FINALLY CAME UP WITH SOMETHING DECENT. SO HERE IT ISSSSSSS. (Please watch it in HD)

So obviously it ain't nothing out of this world, but cut a bitch some slack alright, this is my first time EVER editing a video for real that's not via iMovie. But really I was so proud of myself like w0w I can actually edit a video. 

Alright, but in all seriousness, I really hope you enjoyed the video because I had quite an enjoyable making it and reliving the moments while reviewing the clips. This is just a glimpse of the great time we had and I hope I did the experience we had justice. The remaining parts of the video is still in the making so STAY TUNED, hopefully it'll be even better.

I'm gonna TRY REAL HARD to blog about it in text here before I go off to Melbourne at the end of the month. Someone remind me to get the photos from Audrey. 

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