Friday, 19 February 2016

My Last and Favourite #TSLTeamThemedThursdays

Themed Thursday for the last time and guess what was it? Neon! Initially 'tourist,' Wednesday called for a redraw when we thought the theme was too hard? In case you're wondering, when it comes to deciding #TSLTeamThemedThursdays, there's no sit-down discussion but instead, all newcomers think of a theme and throw it in a paper bag - and the week's winner, get to pick the next week's outfit of the day. 

It was absolutely hilarious and warming to see some of the people dressing as me with their wigs, sweaters and shorts. But Keiji stole the show with the white shirt, folded jeans, blue hair and brimmed hat. 

This is undoubtedly one of my favourite themes of ALL the themes we had during my short time here, and it was incredible to see how well they got the outfits right! 

Outfit on fleek?

I think they got it all locked down, from the outfit to the attitude. Gonna miss these 2 damn much

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