Thursday, 3 September 2015

My Favourite People(s) // Thank You Notes

It's been a good 2 weeks since school was out, and as usual, I took the time to just slack on life and slept. And after bad sleeping patterns and habits, I am just glad I got my sleep schedule back to a humane one. Went back to school yesterday for one last time to collect the dreaded internship logbook and briefing.

While I found myself dragging my body to school, I did anticipate to see some of my favourite people. 

Viena, oh I'll be forever reminded of what a mess I am when I sleep and all the times we spent in Japan. Super thankful to have known you and we got to become closer before we graduate. 

What are the chances of the two of us knowing each other? Almost 0! If not for some marketing competition we were both involved in, me and Michelle would probably still not know each other. But I am just super grateful to have known her, god (and her) knows the conversations we have on our way home all the time. Just an uber reliable and fantastic friend who gives gr8 advice, WHY DID I NOT KNOW YOU EARLIER?!?!

When I saw this pic, my first thoughts were 'Long lost siblings reunited after 19 years'. But it was just gr8 getting to know Steph. Super talented in design and writing, her final magazine was bomb ok, bomb. It's so hard to meet people who are genuinely nice, but this gurl is just full of love.

MY HOMIE AND PEASANT #1. Oh my god, me and Ke Xin go wayyyyyyyy back. Ok, actually it was back in Year 2. It really is the most weirdest turn of events and even stanger to many people we are close.  I think we initially didn't think each other could be ghetto and crazy. An absolute awesome person who is just a joy to werk with. OMG I AM SO SAD SCHOOL'S OUT T___T #peasantinc2k16 okai

Oh yes, the Unfriended group. It was through Yams I know XY, Karin and Sang. Once again, the Japan trip was everything. Basically it was my gateway to knowing more people. Just a bunch of fun people who spreads positivity and makes your day better. Gonna miss the times we just see each other at the agency and just chill and chat and y'know, do whatever. 

NEDDY BOOMZ. This one is just a hell of a story. What are the chances of us being friends? Literally nigh. And of all ways we knew each other, it was a digital marketing masterclass that got us together. Both equally bitchy and placed in the same group, it was just great working with this gurl, and talking about Ned's bbyboy. And one of the perks of knowing Ned, is that she takes FANTASTIC photographs for you omg, it's unparalleled. And also she helped my magazine group out so much we are indebted to her. 

-more photos & anecdotes coming-

And as you can tell, I got my hurr refreshed! Gotta talk about that and also how I suffered my first chemical meltdown (that was no fun). 

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