Saturday, 12 September 2015

How September Has Been

It's quite scary to say this, but I think I'm almost at the stage where I've lost track of time in totality and I'm in disbelieve that we are standing at the end of September, already! I think the biggest wake-up call is watching the General Elections the other day. For some reason, when I think GE, I think of the month May. But guess what, I'm 4 months behind. 

Perhaps the unconventional timetable of the school curriculum has screwed my year clock upside down. The scary thing for me is the lost track of time is making me oblivion to how much time I'm actually wasting, spending great deals of time just marinating in my own set of problems, and just sleeping it away. 

Which brings me to the next point : Internship. 

Probably the biggest blessing in disguise, I thankfully started internship 1.5 months earlier than the rest of the school. Knowing me, I'll probably unproductively spend those 45 days on absolutely the most ridiculous things (read : Rot away) 

And if you haven't already, I'm interning at the uber-youthful and fun company called The Smart Local, a youth-oriented travel, food and lifestyle website based in Singapore. Writing for them, I think I've been lucky enough to be in an environment where everyone is really young and absolute-experiencers. Everyone there has been so exceptionally warm and friendly, and above all, genuine. 

More about internship on the next one!

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