Wednesday, 26 August 2015

I witnessed the falling out of a couple, a few years of rocky relationship, and an incredibly bad break-up. And unlike any break-ups like I've seen, this one seemed like one that is off to destruct each other down. Scandalous reveals, private messages that had gone not-so-private now, a smear campaign that won't do anyone, any good.

As a spectator, I couldn't give a less accurate reasoning - I wasn't in that circle. But seeing the way they acted really pained me. Outright social bursts, throwing away letters, t-shirt, getting legions of friends and acquaintances to join in, forcing them to choose a side. On digital, it seems almost as if they're out to highlight how perfect their lives are, in that everything meant nothing. Getting wasted, chasing papers - no more sadness.

It's funny how everyone on the outside can see right through it, just 2 immensely hurt people trying to send a smokescreen to cover it all. When the best way is to just go ahead and acknowledge the pain, recognise it, feel it. Feel the hurt so thoroughly you know it could only get better. Rather than going back and forth trying to prove how much more hurt you can cause, the only casualty is each other.

Heartbreak is like going under the knife. You can numb it, but you will feel the pain. If not today, tomorrow, if not tomorrow, some other day. And when you push the day further, it will hit you when you least expect it - and that's when you realise the pain was always there.

As I have known, it's better to just get through the sadness and whatever that ensues, then try to move on. If you can't, some feelings just simply, still remain.

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