Saturday, 23 May 2015

I'm Blogging on Makers!

So I'm sort of finally back into the groove of blogging(who knows who long that'll last), but I'm also blogging on another platform all the way till August!


Right now, I have a project with a few of my friends - to create a magazine and make the final print by August. Named MAKERS, it's an Indie Lifestyle magazine create for young adults that celebrates the craft of creations and boldness of individuals. So apart from just writing the articles we have a few social media platforms where we connect to you! 

For starters, perhaps the most basic, Facebook!

We throw the word and phrase "That's so Indie," to describe anything that is off the beaten track. With the term so broad now, we wonder, what is the origins of Indie? For all the hipster stuff, click it now.

Click on it and give it a like maybe? On our Facebook page, we share original content from time to time, but also, we share pages and posts from around the world that's all indie and interesting! From the latest music festival to useful everyday tips, we got you covered! 

But also, we are on tumblr, where we share original curated content that encourages you to think and be inspired, and let us know what you think and want to see in the final print. More importantly, I'll be managing the page there, crafting most of the content. So let me & us know what you think, cause we really want to do us proud!


One of the recent entries I've posted, same for the one we've promoted on our Facebook page in the earlier thumbnail! So do support by checking back between our Facebook and Tumblr page please! We'll be pretty active sharing new stuff on Facebook everyday, and producing original stuff on our Tumblr once or twice per week - this includes vlogs and behind-the-scenes too! A vlog is this next week on our journey finding inspiration. 


Update : Here's the vlog!

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