Thursday, 19 June 2014

Parsabella 2.0

This post is at least 2 month old. Sorry Sheera! I am the worst at keeping my posts and life on schedule, it is not acceptable. It's the holidays now already!

School has been a bitch, Year 2 has really proven that it ain't no easy shit, CAs and projects has been coming in non-stop, and honestly, all that I have been doing is either stressing about it, or try to finish it before the deadline. Thank goodness, I finally managed to pull out some time to do some ranting/writing therapy, to relive my happy days. LOL. 

Met Sheera during Vesak Day(if I remember correctly?), to go to Parsabella. And if you remember, I went there with Mun before and everything was close because we went too late, and I thought the place was pretty sad and boo hoo, so I went with some doubt and I was like 'hmmmm ok' about it. SO we met pretty early to make sure we get there before the rest of the people does, since it was a public holiday to begin with.

And as well as it should be, we were both a little late, and coincidentally, both in the same train, and even more coincidental, WE WERE BOTH WEARING STRIPES. Uhhhh hello, great minds think alike boo. Hahaha! So after meeting at Bishan, we trained our way down to Holland Village since we were too late to get in the shuttle bus, and did I mention that the weather that day was off the charts, like I thought smoke was gonna start coming off my head guurl. The heat is real, not going to lie! (Now I miss the Japan weather!)

After getting to the bus stop, we had to walk our long ass in, and in that kind of weather, you have no idea how long the walk felt, even though it was just half a km! But once we did reach there, it was is heaveenennneenne, cause there was air condition you see. 

But when we did go in to Parsabella, it was opened! And it was in full swing, the noise of the pan sizzling and people talking, I was damnnnnnn, this gotz to be goods. Hahah!

After walking around for a little bit, finally got us some crepes, Sheera got the Banana and Nutella(or was it chocolate?) and I got the strawberry and cream one, which I think would go better with Vanilla Ice Cream btw, but you know, that's life being a sucker for Vanilla Ice Creams, sad thing was by the time she gave it to us the whipped cream was already melting T_____T. Sheera's one tasted pretty good though, and if you want one, it available at $5! And I love the fork and spoons they gave us, isn't it cute?! Made of wood, I almost went full on Singaporean, you know, washing it and sneak it into my pocket! But I did managed to contain myself and threw it. Hahah!

It was so crowded that day so I recommend you go there on a weekday, or else you would wind up like us having to eat while standing up. But it was a cool experience nonetheless. I always liked hanging out with Sheera cause she always is that friend you can talk about things with without judging, and that's something that gets progressively hard to find as you age. Sooooo, lucky me!

We continued to walk around the area, and one thing I like about Parsabella is that it's almost like a mall in a mall. There's different food, and organic supermarkets, it almost takes you out of the normal Singapore that you are so used to. Oh, I forgot to mention, but it's as if you don't know already, Parsabella is in the Grandstand, a.k.a the old Turf City.

Walked around for a little bit and it's so cute to see interesting types of food, like I'm not even kidding, they even had a spanish suckling pig with its head still there.

 See what I mean?!

RICE MILK, ok hello. I have this weird obsession at these types of milks, like almond milk, soy milk, coconut milk rice milk, anything except the real milk. Hahaha, and turns out, all these 'milks' are just the stuff blended with water. 

Walked around for a little bit and I think the cool thing about the space is that its a free zone, the tables are just there, and all you do is find one, sit and get your food from any stores. The concept of it is pretty cute I think! 

After walking around for a little bit, we decided to go get our photos taken, and here we go! 

iPhone 5s' camera and filter is amazing, iPhone 6, when are you coming out?!

Got our asses back to Holland V and had Mu Parlour's amazing Red Velvet, and really had a good talk about friends and life, Haha! But forgot to take pictures there! But I had an amazing amazing time, and I'm glad I got to spend some time with amazing friends like Sheera. 

p.s OMG, I finally stopped procrastinating and blogged about this! 


  1. Yay new post!! omg your teeth are like perfect i am so jealous rn...your obsession with exotic milk cracked me up HAHA so cute!! but i totally get what you mean, it's sooo fascinating lol. and what happened to your Jap post it was on for like a minute and now it's not! D;

    1. Hahaha! Finally got back to groove to blog! Awwww thank you, that's so sweet! Speaking of which, I really need to get down to it and buy the milks ok! Needed to edit some stuff for the Jap post, but it's back up now! :DDD