Thursday, 22 October 2015

Ever since work at The Smart Local began, about 2 months ago to be exact, I hardly had the time to look around and see life from a wider perspective. But in its own way, that's a good thing - too much empty space left for thinking might sometimes get too much and loud.

Back when school was in session, it has always been about me. Me, myself and I. Being able to get home before the sun sets, ample time to do whatever shit I wanted, being late and lazy till the last minute. Even though life slacking through everything sounds glorious, there's only bits and pieces of that time I miss.

While the unfulfillment and periods of unforetold un-inspiration can be left behind, it would be blatant lying if I say I didn't miss going to a comfortable environment where friends, radio, and projects were a daily staple, especially the first point.

On the same thread, the things I've been doing currently has just been quite interesting. For someone who is seasoned to writing sadcore and all things whiny and endless, it's extremely refreshing, and brain cells killing process learning to write in another tone, yet retaining a resonant voice and personality.

It's daunting, trust me it is, but I've never learned so much for a long time - not even in school. And it's been liberating being able to do something like that. And slowly, I think I'm becoming a happier person.

- One may wonder

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