Sunday, 12 July 2015

The Bazaar Effect

On what makes the Bazaar
The Geylang Bazaar was already in full swing as we arrive Paya Lebar, at 6pm, before the sun set. Crowds of people walking around, and the internet buzzing on it for days and weeks, celebrating the sense of community and tradition this night market/bazaar made one feel. 

However, when I entered the arena, only one thing was on my mind - the heat. Despite the choice to not wear a pullover,(we all know how badly that'll end) my face was overwhelmed by the heat and humidity the area was, and the brushing of body parts as you cross each path, and turn each corner. 

I thought I had experienced the worst, and nothing could be any more bad, the heat, that is. Until I was proven wrong. It wasn't the food, the fabrics or even the people that the blogs were raving about. It all came down to two stores. Un-strategically placed side by side, it magnets the crowd like ants seeing sugar.

The churros and the ice-cream pan. Pivoting cynicism and symbolism, it's weird to see that in such a gigantic space, only selected areas are hotspots for people to crowd around. 

To my surprise, the ice cream wasn't bad, at all. I thought it would be icy and chunky, but instead it was rather smooth and creamy, like actual ice cream that is produced by churning. If you're heading over to get yourself some, word of the wise - have a lot of tissue and even more time. Its immense popularity only means that you have to wait for at least an hour to have your order served. 

If you ask me, was the 1 hour worth the wait? Well, maybe. For the first time, out of novelty and the fun of it. But would I do it again? Straight up, no. The novelty wears off, and you realise you can get better quality elsewhere at your nearest ice cream parlour. 

Of all the hype, the Geylang Bazaar this year is only famed for its churros and ice cream. Everything else? You can get it at the Pasar Malam at your place the next time it comes.

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