Saturday, 1 November 2014

November Nouveau

Nouveau : Being up to date,

Now that November has arrived, it is still apparent that there is a wide disparity between my concept of time as well as what time is. Things is, the concept of time is a thought, a lovechild of pessimists and optimists, more specifically; realists. On one side, we're sitting by the sidelines, listening to the constant sermons on how we only have on life to live, and that we can't just ponder upon and just merely dreaming about dreams, but instead actually take actions to fulfil it.

2014, and we're left with around 60 days, barely legal but I am.

It still feels peculiar that school began, and then the work and projects start coming in. Maybe it is a good thing, to get lost in the work and just be less aware of what going on around.

The drama never ends, but life does. So why am I still wasting my time and energy wrapping myself around it?

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