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Working Title X Shaniqua Chantelle Fantasia Jr

We broke into October, and despite being fully aware of the fact that we're less than 2 months away from 2015, I still for some reason still feel like we're only halfway past the year. But then again, my concept of time is warped. Simultaneously, the start of a new month would only signify one thing, we're starting the official countdown of the last few days of the holidays.

 Of which honestly, where did all the time go? I remember still having those television moment where you know holidays just started, you throw down all your bags and jump on the bed and everything in the world is good and beautiful. And then BOOM, it's ending already. I am not prepared mentally and physically to go through a hell hole of the second semester - I feel like I have already used up a year's worth of energy on just the FIRST semester. I just pray that god will help me through the second semester. please. 

On to a happier topic, few days back, met ma GURL from the hood Shaniqua Chantelle Fantasia Jr for lunch and just chat and gossip a little bit. It's funny cause we knew each other from this digital marketing class we signed up and we got so close even though the class is just a 5 day thing! Amazing huh, I think friends like this are really hard to come by. (Oscar Speech ends)

Having seen a lot of people, or well, enough people go to this café named 'Working Title', finally jumped onto the bandwagon and got our butts to check out what's the buzz about this café. Trust me, I was on Instagram just browsing through and within a few days I see a number of people tagging Working Title and the food and ambience there looks good! So against my better judgement, I had to check it out myself. 

Met Nadirah at Bugis MRT, and we both were late, me being the later one as usual. But in my defense, my insomnia kicked in and I had only slept at 11am and only for 2 hours.

After trying to figure our way, thinking for damn sure that we were going to get lost, we finally saw a humble shop by a row of many other shops of Arab Street.

Photo Credit : Espressonite

Now don't expect for the workers to come serve you asking how many patrons, like we did standing there awkwardly for a good 3 minutes. Working title features a self-serving policy from the start to the end. So upon that realisation, we went in and grabbed a seat. First thing I observed is that Working Title sports a dark theme, with very little to almost no light overhead - so all the light you'll be getting is the sunlight so it's good if you go there on a brighter day. Sad thing is that the air-con there isn't very strong though, a super weak breeze going on. But what's one to do right?

It's kinda cool that they have a hostel just next door, and they are connected, so I guess if you're staying over at the hostel all you got to do when you're famished is come on down.

One thing I did realise is that the efficiency of the workers there weren't the best, as you can see in the picture above, there's still leftovers of customers who already left, and the table that we sat on had leftovers uncleared as well. But I'll be giving it the benefit of doubt that maybeeeee they have more workers on other days(?)

Looking at the menu, I like the way that it was designed, not having a standard book styled menu, but taking a standard flipchart kind of menu and making it cuter, although somebody ought to tell them it's about time to go for a reprint, the papers were pretty scrunched up. Looking through the menu, Other than the burgers and pizzas, the rest were just like drinks, and light snacks. 

 Got ourselves a round of drinks, and this time the drink is filled to the brim, unlike the one over at Assembly, which can be written here. I got Iced Chocolate, which seems to be a staple quite recently when I go cafes, and as for Nadirah, she got Iced Bandung Latte.

Probably the first time I took a proper photo of food, but here it is. 

Nadirah's got the Finger's O Fish, basically a fish fillet, cheese, tartar sauce, to put it more simply, a more fancy version of the fillet-O-fish you would always order over at McDonalds. Don't know if it was good cause Nad didn't really got to finish it.

 As for me, I got the 'Hawaii Five O', what a name though. Originally wanted the All American Cheeseburger, since it's the only burger with beef and who would say no to beef? But they ran out of it, so I just had to settle with this. So basically it's a piece of chicken ham, cheese, chicken patty, pineapple and veggies which I took out immediately. Probably should have sucked it up and eat it, but whatever. 

The burger overall I would say is a little bit too salty for me, but good thing they had the pineapple there. I don't even like pineapple, but whenever you put it in a savoury burger, Oh my got, it is the tastiest most perfect balance of flavour ever. 

As for the fries, they didn't salt it, or maybe they did, but it was super light. Nadirah was fine with it, but I can't stand it when fries are not salty. So I had to go get salt. And they have the salt grinders, and small plastic disk plates, so I looked like an idiot standing at the counter grinding salt that comes out in meagre amounts, trying to get it over with but at the same time not getting salt all over the place. 

When I came back Nadirah was like laughing cause she was like 'WHY DIDN'T YOU JUST BRING THE THING HERE GRIND IT ONTO THE FRIES AND PUT BACK?'. Well, 2 hours of sleep does that to you. 

As we were eating, we talked about like people in our course and how impression and reality is a big difference. Like most people, when we thought of Nad's class, we think of smart people, hardworking people, peaceful class, bbyboy(She know what I'm talking about). But guess not, truth is, no class will be happy and joyful all the time. And also some other things, and people, and coming to the conclusion and question of WHY CAN'T PEOPLE BE NORMAL. And as of recently, Nad and some of our course mates entered this advertising competition and got silver! So that's good. 

Once we were done eating, judging, laughing, we left for Arab Street's gorgeous graffiti walls and back drops to find ourselves a location to take some photos. And even though the sun has maintained a little bit, it was humid humid humid, I was sweating, and furthermore we WALKED like in and out of the area just to find a good area, felt so bad for Nadirah because she had to deal with the heat as well! 

So finding a back alley, we decided to snap some shots there.

Deciding there were better places somewhere, we left the alley and looked for murals. 

NOT BAD RIGHT?! TELL ME IT DOESNT LOOK GOOD. When I was looking thorugh the photos I was like, ughhh they're sooooo nice. Self praise = No praise. Even though it was super nice, we still walked around to see if there was nicer places to shoot.

And then, one of the best photos of my life were taken. 

 LIKE MODEL OR NOT. I felt so chic and high fashion, and creative, AHAHHAH all that just because I jumped and sat on a bin. Cause we were thinking of like how to make the picture more dynamic, opposed to just standing, I saw the bin, and then I looked over to Nad and I was like, 'Ok, I'm going to sit on it'. So I took out my tissue, undecided to clean it or use it to sit on, I just spread it there and thought for a second my entire ass would fit. AHAHAHAHAH

But I was so scared the think would just CRACK AND BREAK, whihch it didn't thank god. But the bin dented in! BUT THANKFULLY I MANAGED TO PUSH IT BACK. But seriously, love love loved the photos.  

The above 3 are probably my favourite photos, cause they're the only few photos we took together that day. Ahahaha, but seriously, Nad/Shaniqua was so patient with me and took it from so many angles and give like directions. UGHHHHH AMAZING.

Ahaha, see how we're sort of coordinated in our clothes, white top, black jeans, white shoes. Unplanned, but that's the thing about FABULOUSITY, it just happens.

 My face when people walk past in the middle of phototaking. AHAHH

When we were done, we had to quickly cool ourselves down, and luckily for us, Raffles Hospital was a quick walk away. Technically the Starbucks at Raffles Hospital. Now air-con never felt better, and at that point I was like thank goodness we dont have to walk any further more air-con because I would have given up and died.

Needing a little burst of refreshment, Nad got the Raspberry Blackcurrent frappe, and being zen and all, I went for the bottled Tazo Mango Black Tea that I've heard people talk about all the time and raving about how good it tastes. So I figured out, it was probably time I get it.

And it was really good, like I totally thought it was going to be like really sweet, but it was super refreshing, it is mildly sweet, a little tartness, like the drink to pick you up on hot summer days, which is every fucking day in Singapore.

Took the drinks and left for Bugis, and Nad got a pair of shoes that she has been wanting for a while, and since she's working there, STAFF GETS 50% OFF. WOULD BE BETTER IF IT WAS TOPSHOP. Hahah, but what's there to complain when you have a discount right?

Walked around the area and we talked about some other stuff, and she was like

N: 'Eh you want hamsters or not, I'm trying to sell them away' 

Me :*Wanting to Hao Lian(wanting to be cocky)* 'I had NINE hamsters at the same time before'

N: 'I have 85 and counting'

Me : *gurl say what now*

I was like stunned for a minute, like is my brain working right, or did you say 85. But for real though, she has 85 hamsters. Probably should go register for guinness world records, I mean there ought to be a record created for that, I don't think anyone in Singapore has so many hamsters in one household, not 85 that's for sure. 

Had a great great great time meeting up with Nadirah, seriously laughed my way through the day, can't wait for the next one. 

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